About Us

Peace River Dog Fanciers, Inc. was established March 15, 1988 as a Florida Not for Profit Corporation. It was established by a group of individuals who desired a training environment for their dogs closer to home. As Charlotte County was much smaller population-wise and to travel to neighboring communities such as Fort Myers and Sarasota for regular training was proving to be costly, Peace River Dog Fanciers, Inc. was born.

Peace River Dog Fanciers is managed and training provided by a group of volunteers. When we started out, through cooperation with the Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners Parks and Recreation and Community Resources Department, we would train in the Horse Arena on the corner of Henry St and Florida St in Punta Gorda. We eventually obtained permission to use the Hall located at the Carmalita Football Fields. We used that building until August of 2004, when Hurricane Charley destroyed it. We have since recovered and now train in the gymnasium at the South County Regional Park in Punta Gorda.

Our Mission

The general purpose for which this corporation is formed is to educate, foster and promote for the individual members hereof and the general public, the overall and general welfare of and respect for canines particularly in and by the showing, parading, displaying, and exhibiting of the same for the benefit and enjoyment of all.


Peace River Dog Fanciers, Inc., a Florida Not for Profit Corporation and holds 501(c)4 non-profit status with the IRS. This corporation is organized pursuant to the Corporation Not For Profit Law of the State of Florida, as set forth in Part One of Chapter 617 of the Florida Statutes. Articles of Incorporation of Peace River Dog Fanciers, Inc., March 7, 1988, Filed March 15, 1988 with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations.